Tuesday, 20 November 2007

New Young Pony Club's "The Bomb" - Best video of 2007!

NYPC's video for "The Bomb" has been nominated as one of the Best Videos of 2007 on MTV2 Subterranean. Please post the link below (with embedded video) on all your pages and spread the word to VOTE VOTE VOTE. Winning videos will be show on Subterranean on December 17 at 1AM (late night Sunday).

Vote now for > New Young Pony Club "The Bomb"on Subterranean's best of 2007 countdown! See the results on 12/17 on MTV2 at 1AM EST.

And here's a lil' exclusive for you Mod enthusiasts -
Backstage at the Modular Party in LA on Oct 30, Sarah Jones (New Young Pony Club: drums), Adam Hobbs (Modular USA) and Lou Hayter (New Young Pony Club:
keys) slowly recover after an hour long conversation with Keanu Reeves (WHOA) in the dressing room. A most excellent night.

Reporting from Los Angeles where its currently 69 degrees...

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