Monday, 19 November 2007

Softlightes residency at Spaceland; Los Angeles

One of my favorite venues in Los Angeles is Spaceland (or as Josh in our NYC office affectionately and mistakingly calls it, Sugarland.) and every Monday night in the month of November, our very own lovies THE SOFTLIGHTES have a residency here! They go on at 11p sharp, and opening up for them will be a fresh crop (different each Monday) of Southern California's best up-and-coming new acts go to the Spaceland site for details. Oh! And Mondays are FREE!!

Tucked in the windy roads of L.A.'s Silverlake neighborhood, The Softlightes are an apt act to set the scene for the holidays and California's version of "winter"...
Especially with their holiday single coming out soon... (Keep a look out for that one, we'll post details soon!)

Softlightes on MySpace

PS) If you're thinking about dinner before the show - Leela Thai - just 3 or 4 buildings north or Spaceland on the same block has some rad veggie eggrolls & green tea ice cream. I just had some delivered tonight - yum!

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