Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Modular is beaming a rainbow-sized smile as we welcome Ladyhawke to the gang. Whilst we were hanging out and kickin' stones in the hood, Ladyhawke was bangin' her first beat under the watchful eye of her jazz drummer father in New Zealand at age eleven. We kept doing what we were doing, but Ladyhawke didn't. Oh no. She was too good for kickin' stones; she packed up and moved out to the UK. Spread her musical wings and flew straight into the loving arms of 80s synth pop.

Conjuring images of some sort of elegant half-bird, half-lady temptress, Ladyhawke stiches the big production, big guitar and big synth of a bygone era on her sleeve and wears patches of today's music and pop-culture on her chest. We are proud to have her in our nest, pop over to her MYSPACE and leave her a Macy's gift voucher.

Back Of The Van is set to be the first single from Ladyhawke on Modular, stay tuned.


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Anonymous said...

pity about the video , how did that get through?
fuckin 'ell