Monday, 10 March 2008


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Australian Radio Fabulous Tour

The Bumblebeez live experience has never been a straightforward proposition, probably never will be. When you consider the kind of recorded material that’s being attempted to rework, some of which is live, some of which is programmed, a lot of which is sampled, trust me when I say it’s hours and months of headache and bad dreams.

BUT. There will be energy. So much we might have to have an intermission to calm down. There will be some devilishly wrong interpretive dance, in which the audience is openly encouraged to partake. There will be rap, there will be song, there will be anger and ecstasy. There will be BASS, so much your will ribs rattle and you’ll think of Basstopia (you haven’t been?). There will be enough songs from Prince Umberto & The Sister Of Ill to keep the record company happy. That will include the bog-hop Grammy-nominated sensation Dr Love and the tropical booty-pop of Rio. There will be other peoples music, reworked and rendered unidentifiable but familiar enough you might find your ass shaking and ask why? There will be lights and magic and projected images from inside the mind’s eye.

Prince Umberto, Queen ViLa, DJ Anna Lunoe and Jazz Fingers are currently the Bumblebeez live outfit. In April, they’re coming to a town near you on their first official Australian tour, entitled Radio Fabulous.

Click HERE for all the dates and ticket deets.

Pump up the bass.

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