Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Presets - Behind The Laneway

When The Presets played the Laneway weekend in Brissie and Sydney a few weeks back, our buddy Jason Treuen went along for the ride. Dude got to hang out, drink their rider and write a feature story for Rolling Stone (which can be found in the current issue). He dropped an email our way with a bunch of pearler shots of the boys from the road and was more than happy for us to put them up. Scroll down to check out the goodness.

Thanks Jase and thanks Rolling Stone.

Jules showing off his shiny new Nikes in Bisvegas.

Taragos are the standard to-from gig transport, Jules and Kim on the way to the Brisbane show.

Kim warms up on the stove.

Jules and his lemon-ginger tea.

The Brisbane show.

The Brisbane crowd.

After show beers are awesome.

Red wine in a home made cup.

Ripping it in Sydney.

Twiddling knobs, Sydney.


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