Friday, 9 May 2008

Ladyhawke Blogs!

Pip has been touring all over the shop with people like Peaches, Soulwax and 2 Many DJs... as well as playing our very own Modular parties. She's started blogging over at her MYSPACE, but we've cut and pasted the first entry below, check back there regularly for updates.

"So, I've been doing heaps of live shows in the last couple of months. They've been heaps of fun, taken me to some places I've never been to before, like Sheffield, Brighton, Liverpool, Nottingham, Cardiff, Bristol, lots around London and lots more coming up! Anyway, when I play live, I only have two arms, I cant play everything at once myself haha so for the shows and touring I have a couple of lovely boys helping me out. So I thought I'd introduce you to my backing band, Tom on bass, Danny on guitar, and Ryan on Drums!! Check out the photo to see what they look like. Or catch us in person at The Macbeth in Hoxton, East London on May 14th. I'm playing a full show and my friend Peaches is flying over to DJ!"


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