Tuesday, 30 October 2007

LUNCH 30/10/07

Grilled beef salad from that cafe with the lemon on the roof on Crown St, Surry Hills.

After getting to Bourke St Bakery only to find that today's salad was a salami salad (we were hoping for lamb), myself and the good doctor Marty Slammin' wandered over to Crown St to see what meaty salads were on offer when we found a cafe with a large paper mache lemon out the front, hovering dangerously over the pavement.
Reading the menus displayed helpfully close to the counter, it quickly became clear that there were three salads to choose from; grilled haloumi, grilled chicken and beef, also grilled. I had enjoyed the haloumi salad at least twice before however the sun was up and Marty and I needed meat so we ordered the grilled beef.
Ten minutes and nine dollars fifty (each) later we were presented with two white cardboard trapezoids and a set of plastic cutlery. Upon our return to the office we opened the boxes and were pleased with the amount of meat on top of the mixed greens. Also noticeable were small slices of capsicum, some cucumber and two thin lemon wedges. Always out to prove he's a dickhead, Marty added crunched up pork cracklins to his salad in what was sure to be the dumbest thing he'd done that hour.
The beef itself was as tasty as it was thinly sliced, and as salty as it was a little overcooked. The greens included a nice amount of rocket, perhaps too much cos lettuce and, unfortunately for all involved, that brownish lettuce that tastes like ass. I believe the capsicum was a great addition however i was indifferent to the fairly wet, tasteless cucumber. The lemony oil dressing that engulfed the salad gets two thumbs up.
All in all, I wish I got a sandwich.

5.5 out 10
(Marty gave his 6.5 out of 10 largely due to the pork cracklins)


nina said...

the ooooooooooooooooooooold brownish lettuce that tastes like ass......

Anonymous said...

your pussy is so hectic.