Wednesday, 31 October 2007


We realized we'd been all quiet on the podcast front (the last thing we put up was a video of Muscles pretending to be interested in CD's being made), so we called up all our favourite DJs and asked them to make us a mix. The we realized that we know like thousands of DJs so we thought "hey dudes let's make this shit happen weekly!".
So if you click HERE you'll hear the first of the new weekly modcasts, this time by our good homie Radge (pictured above, mostly naked). Over the next few weeks there'll be mixes by folks like The Bang Gang, Pandemonium Jones, Nick Catchdubs, Spruce Lee and seriously I haven't I thought that far ahead!!
So yeah click HERE for some of that good spooky goodness, here's the info for Radge's mix - just in time for Halloween!!

Les Nuit Des TraquƩes aka The Night of the Hunted
A Halloween Mix by Radge

Radge is this super cool guy with a beard and glasses. I'm sure you know a lot guys like that but this guy is different. He's the kind of guy who'll invite you over for spaghetti bolognese and after being there for ten minutes he'll make you go to the supermarket to buy pasta because he forgot to. But you know what? You don't even care because the spaghetti bolognese is that good.
And so is this mix, a particularly haunted mix of tunes Radge has put together for Halloween.
If you like what you hear head over to and offer Radge a Macy's voucher. If you live in Sydney you can see him every week in the flesh at Club 77 for a new night he's running with Spruce Lee called KON DING. If you are Radge you should've invited me over for that roast you were cooking on Sunday night. What the hell dude seriously.



Trashs' Theme - SSQ
Binary - Kazino
Fatal Error - Fatal Error
House Arrest - Krush
Run Away - Int. Music System
Coach Me (Cinematic Mix) - Black Devil VS In Flagranti
Romance - Ian North
Jet Town - SSQ
There is a Light (Josh Patrick mix) - The Smiths
Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat
Big Business - David Byrne
The Duke Arrives - John Carpenter
Micks Broadcast-Attack - Harold Faltermeyer
Regulate - Warren G + Nate Dogg
In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins
Candy Castle - Glass Candy
The Waiting Game - Scary Thieves
Sexy Style (Dub) - Egyptian Lover
No UFOs - Model 500
Crimewave - Crystal Castles
Money - Mozzart
Open your eyes - Samuel & Safire
Simon Says - Secession
Baby Judy - The Hawaiian Pups


VADGE said...

dude i wanted to but we just werent up for entertaining more then one person!
next weekend i pwomise

MODULAR SYD. said...

someone put him back in the aquarium

Anonymous said...

sometimes i think about touching radge's willy.

Chas said...

what happened to the weekly podcasts??

lascivit said...

this mix is sick!